Niche : Alternative medicine.  (just few days)

  1. Page views reached to 9 new users.
  2. This client got 16 likes and followers in just one month.
  3. Business pages reached 1600+ target users who is genuinely interested in their business.
  4. 27 + engagements on posts such as shares etc are really valuable for spreading the words.
  5. 16 hot business leads in just few days …..


Screen shot from the inbox – business leads delivered


Challenge and result

We were able to reach to this rare group of people who are interested in alternative medicine; it was a very specific people who are looking for one type of treatment. Doctor was too happy to see this result , otherwise he would have taken at least 6 months to get this many interested people. Cost was also surprisingly lower than employing a marketing executive.

We will send you next business marketing tip and case study soon, till then stay tuned and stay blessed.