Niche : Interior Designer

  1. Page views reached a high of 300 new users.
  2. This client got 125 likes and followers in just one month.
  3. Business pages reached 22,000 + target users who is genuinely interested in their business.
  4. 4000 + engagements on posts such as shares etc are really valuable for spreading the words.
  5. 77 hot business leads in just one month, client is so excited about this campaign !!



Screen shot from the inbox – business leads delivered


Challenge and result

This is a very competitive niche and a high ticket items to sell. Still we are able to crack it and generate huge number of leads for the client. Apart from the leads clients community is getting active, Lots of shares and likes are happening which again results in mouth to mouth advertisement , this would leads to more sales and reputation. We also keep updating the facebook posts to have the engagement going as part of the campaign. Cost of the campaign is still unbelievably low, in fact even lower than maintaining a marketing executive. Getting 77 business lead in just one month was a real good achievement along with other improvement on follower base.

We will send you next business marketing tip and case study soon, till then stay tuned and stay blessed.